Contribute to Open Scraper

Are you interested in scraping websites for free?

Did you see some bugs or did you have you problems installing Open Scraper locally?

Do you know Python, Scrapy, Selenium, Docker, Cron, or some other technos you believe could be useful to implement in Open Scraper?

Open Scraper is a collaborative project in constant development, involving people from very diferent backgrounds : designers, public servants, developpers, and so on ... So don't hesitate, add your own contribution to Open Scraper's code !

Please enjoy our code for free !

All the code of Open Scraper is open source, so don't hesitate to read the doc, download or fork the code, and comment/star/follow the repo on Github.

Open Scraper aims to be a generic scraping tool, which can be used for any purpose.

Public servants, associations, NGOs, profit or non-profit organizations should be able to regain some control over the datas

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See something ? Say something !

We need your feedbacks to improve Open Scraper and make free scraping tools more popular !

So if you have any problem while using Open Scraper please open an issue or comment an existing one in the repo !

Please feel also welcome to put in the issues any idea of new feature you think could be usefull to implement. Then we'll add those new ideas in the to do lists .

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You're an expert, you can add features !

We listed what we plan to do to improve Open Scraper experience... For now we have two main boards :

There are so many things we want to improve in the near future, for instance :

If you feel like you have the skills to do some of these new features or debugs you're more than welcome to check our SCRUM boards , write your ideas by commenting the issues, and join the team !

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